Prices - Ticket cost

single / single trip       

       CHF   8.40 

return / return trip

       CHF 12.00 

multi travel pass 10

       CHF 55.00 - multi travel pass 20       CHF 100.00





Monster Scooter (1 Monster descent including hire of crash helmet)

                                          (exclusive Ticket for cable car)




             CHF 17.00

Kids and School Grups

             CHF 12.00

Family = Mother or / and Father      CHF 16.00 per Person

Family = 1 to 2 children                   CHF 10.00 per person
               From 3. Child                    CHF 12.00 (normal price)


Sledge tickets and rental cost


single / single trip

CHF   6.40

Multi travel pass

CHF 55.00 


sledge rental

CHF   7.00




Reductions are available for:
- Children (6-16 years)
- Residents of Lauterbrunnen
- Holders of a guest card
- Holders of a Regional pass
- Holders of a cooperative card


(Tickets are valid for 3 days!)


Half fair cards and General pass of the SBB, Swiss Pass and other cards are not valid for reductions.

credit cards not accepted



Holiday Pass (Mürren - Schilthorn)

Output period: 1. may - 31. october 
Valid for as many journeys as desired on 4 or 6 consecutive days on the beside mentioned red  marked transport facilities.

All pictures from this website have been provided by:


Jost von Allmen

photographer from Interlaken



Doris Schmied

certified hiking guide