Prices - Ticket cost

adult / single trip       

       CHF   8.40 

kids / single trip             

adult / return trip

       CHF   4.20

       CHF 12.00 

kids / return trip               

multi travel pass 10

       CHF   6.00

CHF 55.00 - multi travel pass 20       CHF 100.00




 New! combi ticket - only by appointment at the Stübli (min. the day before)


                                                                                       Adult (from 16)  Child (up to 15)

included ticket (return) and breakfast in the Stübli CHF 39.00 CHF 25.00

included ticket (simple) and breakfast in the Stübli CHF 36.00 CHF 23.00


Monster Scooter (1 Monster descent including hire of crash helmet)

                                          (exclusive Ticket for cable car)




             CHF 19.00

Kids and School Grups

             CHF 15.00


Family = Mother or / and Father      CHF 18.00 per Person

Family = Children                             CHF 14.00 per Person


Sledge tickets and rental cost (at the valley station)


single / single trip

CHF   6.40

Multi travel pass

CHF 55.00 


sledge rental

CHF   7.00




Reductions are available for:
- Children (6-16 years)
- Residents of Lauterbrunnen
- Holders of a guest card
- Holders of a Regional pass
- Holders of a cooperative card


(Tickets are valid for 3 days!)


Half fair cards and General pass of the SBB, Swiss Pass and other cards are not valid for reductions.




Holiday Pass (Mürren - Schilthorn)

Output period: 1. may - 31. october 
Valid for as many journeys as desired on 4 or 6 consecutive days on the beside mentioned red  marked transport facilities.
This summer children with junior card (only Mürren-Schilthorn holiday pass) FREE!

All pictures from this website have been provided by:


Jost von Allmen

photographer from Interlaken



Doris Schmied

certified hiking guide