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Monster Scooter
The insider’s tip from Isenfluh!
The descend from Sulwald with monster scooters during the summer time.
A fun day out for young and old.






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Viewpoint in Sulwald
An easy walk to the viewpoint of Sulwald; about 30 minutes. Its possible with strollers and wheelchairs. Only the last meters go over a staircase


view-point Sulwald








Sulwald - Lobhornhütte 1.5 hrs

The highlight of this hike is the Lobhornhut, a magnificent place high above the Lauterbrunnen valley, and the alpine lake Sulsseeli – one of the most idyllic places in the region.


Sulwald - Lobhornhütte  1.5 h








Isenfluh - Grütschalp 1.5 hrs

A wonderful early morning hike through alpine forests on a wide and easy walking path.
(2 options: active/easy)


Isenfluh - Grütschalp  1.5 h








Sulwald - Chüebodmi - Soustal 2 hrs
A more demanding tour for the experienced hiker through alpine forests, the Sousbach gorge up to alpine meadows.


Sulwald - Chüebodmi - Soustal  2h







Theme trails 3.5 hrs

"Nature – fairytales – places of natural power"

Lear more of the power of nature and local myth and legends. Booklet with information of natural and cultural heritage available at the Isenfluh cable car and at Lauterbrunnen Tourism office.


Themenweg  3.5 h







Lobhörner - Schwalmere 7-8 hrs
The highlight of this hike is the Lobhorn mountain, with its fingers pointing to the sky. A little further from the Schwalmere mountain, you will have magnificent views over the surrounding Swiss Alps.

 Lobhörner - Schwalmere  7 - 8 h







Bällenhöchst 7-8 hrs
Pamoramic trail from Sulwald over Suls and Tschingel to the mountain Bällenhöchst (magnificent 360° panoramic view); further over alpine meadows down to Saxete.


Bällenhöchst  7 - 8 h

All pictures from this website have been provided by:


Jost von Allmen

photographer from Interlaken



Doris Schmied

certified hiking guide