Lobhörner-Schwalmere 7- 8 hours


This hike starts from Sulwald and leads up to the Sulsalp over a place called Chüebodmi, where you may witness the making and storage of Swiss cheese. From here, take the left turn heading upwards over Sousegg to Lobhöener, which resembles a hand with fingers pointing to the sky. An old cable car route for transportation purposes can help you find your way.


You may continue further, crossing over to Schwalmere, where you have magnificent views over the Swiss Alps.

The same way back brings you to Sulwald, from where the cable car can take you down to Isenfluh.


Sulwald - Lobhörner - Schwalmere und zurück



Approx. 7 to 8 hours



Demanding or hard


Hiking Distance

14 km  

Height differences

+/- 1250 m  

Hiking Season

Summer to Fall


Hiking Map 1:25 000

Lauterbrunnen 1228  

All pictures from this website have been provided by:


Jost von Allmen

photographer from Interlaken



Doris Schmied

certified hiking guide